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ideas4writers is based in the Culm Valley in Devon, UK. The company was founded by Dave Haslett in 2001. He has been writing since the age of 13 and has a wealth of knowledge and experience, having written novels, non-fiction books, short stories, reviews, articles, scripts and screenplays.

He is a qualified computer specialist, programmer and trainer with over 25 years experience, and feels perfectly at home with his hands in the innards of a PC. He is also an experienced network engineer, administrator and web designer who designed and built one of the first intranets in the UK, long before such things were fashionable.

Dave is the author of The Fastest Way to Write Your Book.
You can read some of his articles here.
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ideas4writers began in November 2001, based on a quote by Whitbread Book of the Year winner, Philip Pullman.

Philip PullmanWhere do you get your ideas from? Philip Pullman was asked by one interviewer. Tongue firmly in cheek, he replied: "I subscribe to For £25 a month I get 30 ideas, new and unused, success guaranteed. You can get second-hand more cheaply, but they don't come with a guarantee, and they wear out."

Although was fictional, the idea struck a chord with Dave, who was looking for an outlet for the thousands of ideas he had come up with over the years, but which he would never have time to use. After several months of research, design and programming, and some very late nights, he proudly launched on 12th August 2002.

Thanks Philip!

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