The Date-A-Base Book 2020

(13th annual edition)

1,800 newsworthy and notable anniversaries that
will occur between January and December 2020

including significant historic events,
inventions, discoveries, births and deaths

The ideal reference book for ...

TV and radio producers
Event planners
Quiz question setters

Dave and Kate Haslett

Dave and Kate Haslett
editors and publishers

What's in it?

Details of over 1,800 significant historic anniversaries that will occur during 2020
Covers January to December 2020
Anniversaries are listed months in advance so you have time to write about them before they happen
Includes anniversaries from the UK, USA, and worldwide
Specially formatted for ease of use
Every entry has been cross-checked with Encyclopedia Britannica and other official sources for complete accuracy

What you can use it for

magazine articles
newspaper articles
TV and radio features
short stories
non-fiction books
event planning
setting quiz questions
education and training ideas
advertising features
and much more

Just one single article sale will pay for your copy of The Date-A-Base Book 2019 many times over.


Sample page


The first column Ann. means Anniversary – for example, the 700th anniversary of the event.

20 Jan 1320
Coronation of Wladyslaw I the Short (or the Elbow-high), King of Poland (1320–33).
17 Jan 1820
Birth of Anne Brontë, British novelist and poet. Youngest of the 3 Brontë sisters. Known for her novels Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.
27 Jan 1820
& 30th
The discovery of Antarctica. Who actually gets the credit for this is disputed. On 27th January, a Russian expedition led by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen and Mikhail Petrovich Lazarev sighted the Fimbul Ice Shelf, and this is sometimes considered the discovery of Antarctica. However, they did not sight land. This happened on 30th January when Irish sailor Edward Bransfield, a captain in the British Royal Navy, sighted the Trinity Peninsula.
29 Jan 1820
Death of George III, King of Great Britain and Ireland/United Kingdom (1760–1820). He suffered from mental illness, and his son George, Prince of Wales (later King George IV) ruled as Prince Regent from 1810.
7 Jan 1845
Birth of Louis III (also called Ludwig III), last King of Bavaria
23 Jan 1845
The U.S. Congress established the Tuesday after the first Monday in November as the presidential election day in all states.
(The 1844 presidential election had been held on various dates between 1st November and 4th December. The 1848 election was the first in which all states voted on the same day: 7th November 1848.)
29 Jan 1845
Edgar Allen Poe’s poem The Raven was first published, in the New York Evening Mirror.
8 Jan 1870
Birth of Miguel Primo de Rivera, Prime Minister/dictator of Spain (1923–30).
9 Jan 1870
Birth of Joseph Strauss, American structural engineer.
Co-designer and chief engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.
10 Jan 1870
Standard Oil was established in Ohio, USA by John D. Rockefeller and Henry Flagler. It was the largest oil refinery in the world at that time.
15 Jan 1870
Birth of Pierre S. du Pont, American businessman and philanthropist. A prominent member of the wealthy du Pont family. Great-grandson of Éleuthère Irénée du Pont who founded the du Pont company. President of du Pont (1915–19), President of General Motors (1920).
23 Jan 1870
Marias Massacre (also called the Baker Massacre or the Piegan Massacre), Montana, USA. U.S. cavalrymen killed about 200 Piegan Blackfeet Indians. There was public outrage as the Indians’ chief had been promised protection by the U.S. Government.
25 Jan 1870
Death of Victor de Broglie, 3rd Duke of Broglie, Prime Minister of France (1835–36).
26 Jan 1870
The U.S. state of Virginia was readmitted to the Union following the American Civil War.
27 Jan 1870
The international sorority Kappa Alpha Theta was founded.
It was the first Greek-letter student society for women.
28 Jan 1870
The five main telegraph companies in the UK were nationalized and taken over by the Post Office, following decades of complaints about errors, delays and high prices.


Customer Reviews

Lesley MasonMagazines have notoriously long lead-in times, so if you're an aspiring (or indeed successful) writer of articles you need to be looking well ahead for that all-important 'hook' to get the editor interested. That's where The Date-A-Base Book comes in. Hundreds of notable events, births, deaths, anniversaries of myriad kind from 10 years ago to 1000 years ago. Whatever your area of interest you'll find something in here to get you started, or to flesh out your background or your characters, or to use in your marketing. The only problem with it is that you might get too engrossed in the who, what, where, and when to actually do any writing.

Lesley Mason


Browse through the dates and names and let your imagination go in to overdrive. These are "must have" lists for you reference library. The allure of these people, places and times are indeed a Pandora's Box for the enquiring mind of storytellers everywhere. Just the gift for a fellow writer.

Frances Johnson
Member and ex-Vice President of Gold Coast Writers' Association,
Queensland, Australia.



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