The Fastest Way to Write Your Book

Revealed: how professional authors write full-length,
best selling books in just days or weeks

And how you can do it too!

In this highly motivating 240-page book you'll discover how well known authors wrote classic novels, non-fiction books and plays in a matter of days (even before computers were invented) - and how you can do the same.

You'll be taken step-by-step through 330 proven techniques that cover the whole book-writing process. Just pick the ones that suit you best (10 should be enough) and start writing your book. You'll be finished in no time. It's very easy and straightforward - and most importantly it works!

Readers and publishers will happily believe you spent a year or more working on your book - it'll be that good!

If you've heard about authors who've written hundreds of books, and you've thought to yourself, how is that even possible? Just follow the steps for yourself. You won't just believe it's possible, you'll know it is!

Dave Haslett, author
Dave Haslett
author and publisher

Cullompton, Devon, UK
27 May 2019


"What a great book! ... so inspirational ... brings writing into the 21st century"

John WoodcockDear Dave,

What a great book! So inspirational. It brings writing methodologies into the 21st century. I'll dump George Bernard Shaw's approach and adopt yours. Thank you so much for the motivation.

John Woodcock, Bracknell, UK
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"one of the best and easiest writing manuals there is"

Eileen FrostI found The Fastest Way to Write Your Book one of the best and easiest writing manuals there is. Finding ideas for your story, planning, researching, editing and selling - it's all there. Writers block? Read chapter 16. Can't find the time to write? See chapter 8. A great book and although I've read it from cover to cover, I still refer to it constantly.

Eileen Frost, Bournemouth, UK
Author of "When Tomorrow Comes"
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Includes everything you need to know:

45 quick and easy ways to come up with great ideas
    (Pages 21-40)

11 easy ways to assemble your ideas into a well-organised outline
    Getting your book's structure right from the outset can turn it from an
    "also ran" into a huge bestseller - and it makes the writing easier and faster too.
    (Pages 41-50)

28 fast ways to do research
    Researching an entire novel can take less than a day thanks to these valuable
    shortcuts. Or research two or more books at once and save even more time!
    (Pages 51-64)

How to make the most of your writing time
    Your writing sessions will always be 100% productive with these great tips. No
    more staring at a blank page or screen waiting for inspiration to strike. You'll
    always know exactly what you're going to write before you even sit down.
    (Pages 65-72)

25 easy ways to find more time to write
    The time budget planner lets you identify the things you have to do and the
    things you like doing. Take those out and what's left? The things you don't
    have to do and the things you don't like doing. Change the way you use that
    time and you'll be much happier and far more productive. (And you don't
    have to use it all for writing!)
    (Pages 73-82)

How to write your book in the fastest time possible
    Write for just minutes a day and finish your book in under a month. You'll
    write a top quality, professional book that you can be proud of, and readers
    (and publishers) will love. There's no need to give up your social life, you'll get
    your book on sale in record time, beat your competitors into print, amaze
    your friends and family ... and maybe make a lot of money!

10 quick and easy ways to get your book started
(Pages 83-86)

28 fast ways to write a full-length novel
(Pages 97-110)

22 fast ways to write a professional non-fiction book
(Pages 111-122)

20 pieces of technology that can help you write even faster
    (Even if you hate computers!)
(Pages 123-148)

12 ways to cheat!
    For when you need to get the job done even faster - all completely legal and ethical
(Pages 149-158)

17 ways to get other people to help you
    (Pages 159-168)

21 ways to beat writer's block
    (Page 169-178)

10 ways to keep yourself motivated
If you've started writing books before but ended up abandoning them, those
    days are now over. You'll finish them all from now on.
    (Pages 179-182)

31 quick and easy ways to polish your book to perfection
    If you've been following the step-by-step process so far, your book won't
    need much editing. Just use the simple checklist - a few quick fixes, a bit of
    tightening up, and it's ready to be published.
    (Pages 183-194)

The 50 fastest and easiest ways to get a publisher or agent
     and sell your book
    Easy-to-write query letters, synopses and proposals that get near-instant
    results. Expert tips to keep you out of the slush pile. The different
    publishing options you can choose from - and how to decide which one is best for
    you. And some great ideas to help you sell your book once it's published.
    (Pages 195-220)

... Plus insider secrets; useful tips to save you time, money and effort;
     and much more!

The fastest way to write your book

Discover the fastest ways to plan, write, edit and sell your books, and you'll knock months off the "traditional" methods. Fill gaps in the market within days of spotting them, beat your competitors into print, increase your chances of having a bestseller - and sell a lot of books!

If you're a professional writer with a rapidly approaching deadline, you'll soon be tackling your book with renewed enthusiasm and vigour - and completing it in an amazingly short time.

And it works for beginners too. No experience needed.

In simple, easy steps, The Fastest Way to Write Your Book walks you through the complete process, so you'll be able to write professional, full-length novels and non-fiction books (and get them published) faster and easier than ever before. Guaranteed.

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"this is the book that finally got me writing"

Robin GottDear Dave,

I've read dozens of 'How to Write' books, but yours is the one that's finally got me on my butt and actually writing.

I've found that the working method suggested in your book fits in perfectly with my lifestyle. I've got a wife, two small kids and a full time job, so it's the only practical way I can get a script written.

Robin Gott, Malmo, Sweden
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"packed with useful advice ... write faster and more easily ... and with a better hope of success"

The Fastest Way to Write Your Book is packed with useful advice, and I didn't find anything with which I didn't agree (and that's very unusual as far as I'm concerned). This book will encourage wannabe writers to write a full-length novel [or non-fiction book], rather than sticking to short stories, and if they just try to put the precepts into practice they will write faster and more easily, and will approach the whole thing with a more professional attitude and with a better hope of success.

Michael Legat, publisher, author of "An Author's Guide to Publishing", and Writing Magazine columnist
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"allows the brain's creative processes to weave stories together like a tapestry"

Dear Dave,

I found your book really helpful. I found other 'How to Write' books a bit stultifying to be honest, but your book allows for the brain's creative processes to weave stories together like a tapestry - far more satisfying and interesting.

E. James, UK
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100% guaranteed100% guaranteedYour 100% no-risk guarantee

We don't just guarantee 100% satisfaction, we also guarantee the RESULTS! If, having read the book, you don't believe you could write a full-length book in just a few weeks, simply return your copy to us and we'll give you a full refund.

There's absolutely no risk - you'll get your money back within 24 hours if you decide it isn't for you.

(Note: please return your book within 60 days - that's the maximum length of time our bank will allow us to refund payments.)


About the author

Dave Haslett wrote his first book (a 300-page illustrated guide to tropical fish) at the age of 13, and has since written novels, non-fiction books, screenplays, over 200 articles, short stories, reviews, poetry, and a monthly column.

He founded ideas4writers (the ideas and inspiration website) in 2002.

As well as The Fastest Way to Write Your book, Dave has also written The Fastest Way to Get Ideas, and is the co-author of The Date-A-Base Book series - annual lists of forthcoming historic anniversaries.

"All the steps are laid out in an easy and fun format"

The book begins with advice on your chair and writing desk, through to producing a book per month. All the steps are laid out in an easy and fun format. There are time and money saving tips in info boxes throughout the book. I recommend this book and know you will not be disappointed. It will become your writing handbook.

C. Devlin, Belfast, N. Ireland
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"What a gem ... easy to put into practice ... this book is my bible"

Dear Dave,

What a gem this book is. It is so easy to follow, being laid out logically, with no parts of it difficult to understand. I was hooked from the research, through the planning, to the actual writing, and found the section on 'finding time to write' easy to put into practice. This book is my bible.

Christobel Gardner, Coventry, UK
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"Dave thinks outside the box ... his style really appeals ... a must-read for everyone"

"I found the book super! Straight to the point, no waffling, every page has some hints and tips and great advice. Dave thinks outside the box and many of the pointers you will not learn about anywhere else. His style appeals to me. This is a must read for everyone, whether an experienced or new writer."

Dolly van Zaane, Perth, Australia
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