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"Write your book ten times faster
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Martha King, UK: Amazon 5 stars
"Buy this book before you start"
The great merits of this book are two-fold. Firstly, the author tells it as it is, wasting no time with hype or padding, just getting over the many facts and vast quantities of information he has assembled that a writer needs to know if they're going to write 'fast' and not fall down over the hard bits of writing. And, secondly, he divides it all up with bullets and section heads, photographs and diagrams, tips and hints in boxes. This means you can find any piece of information or advice again, immediately on flicking through. The result is an essential pre-read and an invaluable reference resource - right through to marketing your finished book. Just one example of the author's ingenious and useful advice: in the editing section he suggests getting friends to read through and rewarding them for any errors found. How simple, how brilliant. The whole book is like that. If you buy nothing else, get this one and get writing.

Patricia Livingston, Merseyside:
Amazon 5 stars
"Read it now and write your own book tomorrow!"
I have read so many books on how to write a book but this is the first that sets out clearly the steps needed. As a writer I am not very organised. Ideas whizz in and around my mind but I don't always take the steps I need to capture these ideas before they escape. This book takes you through the whole process of writing a book from idea to finished product, including a section on selling your book. It makes you want to start now and stick with it until the end. My book is progressing nicely. Thanks Dave.

Amazon 5 stars
"Read this book before writing your own!"
A lot of people start writing a book with enthusiasm and then it all fizzles out before they've got halfway through. Others want to write a book but think they'll never have the time. By following the advice in this book you can plan sensibly and avoid the pitfalls - and write your book fast! Full of useful advice, it is arranged in easy-to-read sections. 'The Fastest Way to Write Your Book' should be on every writer's bookshelf.

Donna Bateson, UK:
Amazon 5 stars
"The Fastest Way to Write Your Book"
A great book. I found The Fastest Way to Write Your Book helpful. It's easy to understand and is a great reference book full of fresh new ideas whether you're a beginner or an experienced writer. It's a book you can refer to time after time and still get more out of it.

Noreen O. Brien, Limerick, Ireland:
Amazon 5 stars
"You have the ability to write a book"
The main reason I really like this book and recommend it to many people is that it makes me feel that I already have the ability to write a book. The difficulties I perceive are mere incidentals that can be resolved. Since Dave Haslett wrote the book to first draft stage in twenty-three days, then it proves it is possible. The print is very easy to read. He uses ordinary language from which you can grasp the point immediately. This book is genuine and authentic. I got the impression throughout that the author was cheering me on. He wants to know of my successful outcome as requested by him as early on as page three.

'The Fastest way to write your book' gets down to action immediately. Information is easy to access under the bold print sub-headings within the chapters. The information is succinct. Dave brings you right from the earliest stages to finally selling your book. In Chapter Two, he reinforces all the wonderful reasons why one should write a book and write it fast. His enthusiasm is most encouraging. I find the fact that Dave has so many ideas infectious and so it triggers a lot of ideas within me. I feel far more creative and my ideas flow more easily now.

I loved Chapter Eight - 'Finding time to write'. How we use our time is fundamental to achieving anything. The practical easy-to-implement suggestions given are very beneficial. They have empowered me to make new choices as to how I want to invest my time. We can waste a lot of energy wondering whether we have enough ideas/knowledge/expertise, that we procrastinate on actually writing. Dave spells it out - writers write. You learn by doing.

Dave's logical structured system makes success attainable. His guidance is given with genuine conviction. This book will give you the confidence to apply the knowledge you have and take action immediately.

Geoff Nelder, Chester, UK:
Amazon 5 stars
Author of "Escaping Reality" and "Exit, Pursued by a Bee",
editor of "Escape Velocity" magazine

"An essential tool for newbie writers and others"
Dave Haslett is the creator of ideas4writers, a website absolutely packed with ideas, engines and forums for fiction and non-fiction writers, whether professional or newbie. His extensive experience has enabled him to put together this handy reference for professional and amateur writers alike. He has expertly done the research so we don't have to have bleeding scalps scratching to let ideas in. There are chapters on mind-mapping, cheating (yes!), overcoming writer's block, making the most of what you already know, idea generation, making the best and smart use of technology, editing and marketing. It is a brilliant manual and an interesting read in its own right.

Jan Free-Gore, England:
Amazon 5 stars
"Write with your personal trainer"
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) wrote "If a man write a better book ... the world will make a beaten path to his door." What an incentive, but where to begin? A good place to start is with Dave Haslett's book. Twenty chapters packed with hints, tips and advice, culminating in an Appendix offering 200 'what if...' ideas to kick start the muse and get that book written. If the thought of sitting at your desk and writing 60,000+ words makes your spirits sag and your enthusiasm wilt, be encouraged. Books are broken down into chapters and the writing of a book can be broken down into manageable chunks. Haslett's book offers techniques to guide you, from finding an idea, to refining it, building on it, editing, staying motivated and, finally, how to sell your book. An absolute mine of information and encouragement, written in easy to read plain language. An outline of your book is crucial not only to keep you on track, but to show you where you are going and Haslett devotes a whole chapter to planning and outlining. Both fiction and non-fiction are covered. In fact, there is little that Haslett does not cover. No time to write a book? Do not believe it. Chapter 8 is all about 'Finding time to write', budgeting and managing your time, and finding more time. The best chapter for many writers will be Chapter 16 'Writers' Block'. Even professional writers can come up against a wall and grind to a halt. They, like the amateur, will benefit from Haslett's advice. Following one or several of his suggestions will get the pen moving again. Write because you have a book to be written. Arm yourself with Haslett's book, find the time and within a few months you will be on the way to becoming an author.

W. Mather, Milton Keynes:
Amazon 5 stars
"On target"
This book speaks to your writing soul - its time to get that book out, you can do this, and it won't be torture! The positive enthusiasm for what can be done and the practical focus on how to do it are Dave Haslett's injections of energy, belief and determination to ensure that you feel the difference between your longing to write that book and actually doing it. And he gives you a mindset that is open to ever greater possibilities of how you can be a successful and prolific author. Magical!

Christobel Gardner, Coventry:
Amazon 5 stars
"Read this book and be successful"
What a gem this book is. With the help of this book I finished my novel. It is so easy to follow being laid out logically, with no parts of it difficult to understand. I was hooked from the research, through the planning, to the actual writing, and found the section on 'finding time to write' easy to put into practice. This book is my bible.

C. Devlin, Belfast, N. Ireland:
Amazon 5 stars
"Does exactly what it says on the tin"
This is one of those books that makes claims to help aspiring writers. I believe that it does exactly as it says on the tin. I bought this book recently and already I have two short stories written and an article away to the Guardian. The book is written in user friendly style. The book begins with advice on your chair and writing desk through to producing a book per month. All the steps are laid out in an easy and fun format. There are time and money saving tips in info boxes throughout the book. At the end of the book Dave Haslett provides a voucher for his website Visit the site and get a feel for the depth of information and assistance provided by Dave. I recommend this book and know you will not be disappointed. It will become your writing handbook.

Eileen Frost, Dorset:
Amazon 5 stars
"A great book for established and new writers"
I found The Fastest Way to Write Your Book one of the best and easiest writing manuals there is. In plain language, with no frills, it does exactly what it sets out to do, and that is to instill self-discipline into the writer. Finding ideas for your story, planning, researching, editing and selling - it's all there. Writers block? Read chapter 16. Can't find the time to write? See chapter 8. A great book and although I've read it from cover to cover, I still refer to it constantly.

Isobel McDonald, UK:
Amazon 5 stars
"Straightforward information on writing a novel" [or non-fiction book]
This book takes you from start to finish of writing your own book. If you are wondering whether you will achieve your dream of writing "that book" this should get you started. Pointing you in the right direction to get ideas, researching them, where to find the information and using knowledge you already have, finding the time to do your writing and so much more. Supported on the author's website, this is a must for any writer.

Feedback (received direct from readers)

"I've got a small library of writing books and purchased The Fastest Way to Write Your Book after reading a review in Writers' News, which I subscribe to. I found the book super! Straight to the point, no waffling, every page has some hints and tips and great advice. Dave thinks outside the box and many of the pointers you will not learn about anywhere else. His style appeals to me. This is a must read for everyone, whether an experienced or new writer."
Dolly van Zaane, Perth, Australia

"I thoroughly enjoyed 'The Fastest Way to Write Your Book'. A very readable book with an excellent range of information."
David Davenport, author of "Successful Photography for Writers"

"What a great book! So inspirational. It brings writing methodologies into the 21st century. I'll dump George Bernard Shaw's approach and adopt yours. Thank you so much for the motivation."
John Woodcock, UK

"Great service! Great book!!"
Julia Finan, UK

"Superbly crafted."
Brian Page, editor, "Mensa Magazine"

"Packed with useful advice, and I didn't find anything with which I didn't agree (and that's very unusual as far as I'm concerned when I read other people's books for would-be writers). This book will encourage wannabe writers to write a full-length novel [or non-fiction book], rather than sticking to short stories, and if they just try to put the precepts into practice they will write faster and more easily, and will approach the whole thing with a more professional attitude and with a better hope of success."
Michael Legat, publisher, author "An Author's Guide to Publishing", and Writing Magazine columnist

"Your book is a fantastic read. I've just written my first e-book in ten days flat!"
Allison Whitehead

"Within four months of reading this book I'd finished a novel I'd struggled with for six years, written two guidebooks from scratch, and had them both accepted for publication."
Ellis Silver, Wisconsin, USA

"Thanks for the quick service and great book. I found it very informative and enjoyable. It will have pride of place next to my computer."
Doreen Thatcher

"Just finished 'The Fastest Way To Write Your Book' ... and am inspired. Don't make this one your bedtime reading, or you'll only get up again and begin writing. It's practical, positive and powerful. I particularly liked the chapters on the fastest way to find great ideas and on staying motivated. It's a very positive book - with hints on how to stay positive - and even though I've been writing for years, there were ideas which were new to me. Required reading for writers and wannabe writers I'd say!"
Pat Holness, Radio presenter, South Hams Radio, Devon

"Not just a good read from cover to cover, but a very very useful reference manual. Should be kept next to your computer / writing kit at all times."
John Lacey

"Thanks Dave. A great book and brilliant service."
Marion Walker

"Dear Dave, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your book. I was in a panic because I have a 50,000 word August deadline and hadn't started the book yet. With the contract signed but no progress at all after a month I was starting to hyperventilate every time I thought about it. After reading the first few chapters of your book I got a rough outline written in two days. I now have a detailed outline to work from and feel much more relaxed about the whole thing. Your book is excellent value and so much more useful than another book/course on the same subject that I paid a fortune for about a year ago."
Karen Bali, Southampton, UK

"A wonderful informative book."
Noreen Mortell

"I found your book really helpful. I found other 'How to Write' books a bit stultifying to be honest, but your book allows for the brain's creative processes to weave stories together like a tapestry - far more satisfying and interesting."
E. James

"Great website and great book. I've read dozens of 'How to Write' books but yours is the one that's finally got me on my butt and actually writing.

After first reading your book in April last year I wrote a five page synopsis for a film idea and then expanded it to a longer treatment. I wrote the full script in three weeks. Since then I've written and sold a script for an animated film and I'm now working on another script.

I've found that the working method suggested in your book fits in perfectly with my lifestyle. I've got a wife, two small kids and a full time job, so it's the only practical way I can get a script written."
Robin Gott, Malmo, Sweden

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