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394 Fiction Ideas for Writers

394 very clever ideas that will enable you to create unique, compelling and successful stories faster and easier than ever before.

145 pages, ebook (PDF), £7.99

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Easily create stories your readers will never forget. No more struggling with bland characters, aimless plots and mundane endings. Your writing will be almost effortless. Your characters will be authentic and distinctive. Your stories will be tightly plotted and multi-layered with plenty of tension and anticipation to keep your readers gripped to the last page.

Why you need this book

In today's ultra-competitive writing and publishing market, you need every advantage you can get. That's where our inspiring collection of writing ideas can help you.

Each of the 35 books in the ideas4writers collection is packed with versatile ideas, expert tips, and easy-to-implement practical advice.

You'll soon be writing brilliant books, amazing articles, and standout stories that will have readers, editors and publishers longing for more.

The FICTION collection includes:

  • Easy plotting and planning
  • The best ways of creating dilemmas and adding tension
  • Giving your descriptions multiple purposes and your stories multiple layers
  • Developing your writing style
  • Plus hundreds of great ways to find story and character ideas
  • And more than 90 ready-made storylines for you to use or adapt

Be a more inspired, more productive and more successful writer with the ideas4writers ideas collection.

Excerpt: Altering characters

Obviously it's important to keep a careful eye on your characters, especially when editing, to ensure that their basic characteristics - such as eye colour - remain unchanged. But what if you deliberately change someone's eye colour (or something else)? How might that have happened? Surgery? Illness? Genetic mutation? Coloured contact lenses? However it happened, there's a story to be told about it. Why has it changed, or why has the character had it changed? Has anything else about him changed? You might like to search the internet to see if there are any real-life instances of people's eyes changing colour - or whatever characteristic it is that you're writing about. What caused it and what effect did it have on their lives? If you can't find anything to say it's ever happened in real life, then you can just make it up.

There was a white woman in South Africa whose skin turned black and she became a victim of apartheid - I believe this was caused by a tumour in her thyroid gland. Another disease, vitiligo, causes loss of skin colour, so black people's skin becomes mottled and eventually turns white. White people can get it too, and it can also affect hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes, turning them white or grey, even if the sufferer is young. Then
there are people who wake up and find that they now have foreign accents. Although rare, this is a real condition too.

What other seemingly impossible changes might happen to a person? Perhaps he might grow an extra finger, or an arm, or his hair might grow back after years of being bald. Or he might have a growth spurt and grow much taller, even though he's an adult.

And, of course, there are people who have been cured of long-term or lifelong disabilities and afflictions through innovations in medicine. Some formerly blind people can now see. People who have spent their entire lives bed-bound or in wheelchairs can now walk to some degree. There are plenty of fascinating stories - both real and imagined - to be told. And who knows what might become possible in the future? You could have a jolly good guess - and then include it in one of your stories!

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Buy the complete Volume 2 (General Fiction - 6 books in 1)

Includes: Fiction, Novels, Plays, Screenplays,
Short Stories, Storylines

1,100 very clever ideas, 408 pages

only £24.99 (save £9.95)

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