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Dave Haslett

Dave Haslett

If you have a great idea for a book, but you don't have the time or skills to write it, I can do it for you.

It doesn't matter what sort of book you thinking of. It could be a novel, memoir, travel book, or a non-fiction book about a subject you know well.

If you're in business, impress your customers by giving (or selling!) them a book about your subject or industry – with your name and photo on the cover!

I have nearly 30 years' writing and editing experience. I've written and published more than 50 non-fiction books and 6 novels. And now I'm ready to write your book for you.

I'm friendly, flexible, full of ideas and great at brainstorming. I can help you develop your idea into a detailed outline, fill in any holes in your plot or structure, and write and edit your book to a professional standard – using your voice and your words.

How it works

The first step is that I need to get to know you. I prefer to do this in person, so as long as you're in the UK, I can come to you or you can come to me. We'll spend three days together, during which I'll learn all about your ideas, story or expertise, and contribute my own ideas that will help to make your book better. I'll also learn about the way you communicate, so that when I write your book I'll be able to use your words and your voice. The plan is that everyone will believe you wrote the book yourself – and they'll think you're a really good writer!

When all of the ideas are in place, I'll organise them into a detailed outline or plot, with chapter-by-chapter summaries for you to approve. When you're happy with it, I'll turn it into a full-length book you can be proud of.

I'll ask you to approve every stage of the process, and I'll make any changes you ask for. I'll only move on to the next stage when you're completely happy.

Once the manuscript is complete, I'll put it through all three stages of our editing and proofreading process (detailed editing, copy editing, and a final proofread). The finished manuscript you receive will be ready for publication.

The whole process will take about four months, depending on the length and complexity of your book.


All of our services are charged at £35 per hour.

Each finished page of your book will take 2 hours. (Cost per finished page: £70.)

This is calculated as follows:

Preparation: 50 minutes per page
Interviewing you, gathering and expanding ideas, carrying out any additional research and fact-checking, then organising everything into a detailed outline.

Writing: 1 hour per page
Writing the first draft, rewriting it to work out the kinks, and then creating a polished final draft.

Editing: 10 minutes per page
We'll put your finished manuscript through our comprehensive three-stage editing and proofreading process.

Example prices:

100-page book (100 pages x £70) = £7,000
150-page book (150 pages x £70) = £10,500
200-page book (200 pages x £70) = £14,000
250-page book (250 pages x £70) = £17,500
300-page book (300 pages x £70) = £21,000

You'll need to pay a deposit of 50% of the estimated total cost before work begins, and the remainder within 14 days of receiving the finished manuscript.

Our minimum charge for ghostwriting a book is £5,000.


You'll receive an electronic copy of the finished manuscript. We usually provide a Microsoft Word document, but we can convert it to other formats if you prefer.

For an additional charge, we can lay out your book's internal pages professionally, and create high-resolution digital files that are ready to send to a printing company or ebook distributor. Our book cover design service is coming soon too. It should be available by the time your book is ready to be published.

Warning: spaces are limited

Each book takes about four months to outline, write and edit, so we can only accept two or three clients per year.

The good news is that we've only just launched this service, so all of our spaces are currently available.

Don't delay if you're thinking of getting started. If anyone gets ahead of you in the queue, you may have to wait several months for the next slot to open up.


Humans are not from Earth:
a scientific evaluation of the evidence
(Second Edition)

by Ellis Silver, PhD.

I was the ghostwriter, editor, layout artist, cover designer and publisher for this book.


Available on Kindle and in paperback.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive a contract?

Yes. When you've given us the initial details about your book idea, we'll send you a formal contract. If you decide to go ahead, you'll need to sign your copy of the contract and return it to us with your deposit. You have 7 days to cancel, after which it becomes legally binding on both of us.

What if I want images or photos in my book?

You'll need to provide your own images, hire a photographer or illustrator, or use a stock photo service such as ShutterStock, Getty Images, or Pixabay.

Will you also do the page layouts and cover design?

We can do this. But it's a separate service, so there will be an additional charge (typically £300).

Will you also publish my book?

Sorry, no. We're not a publishing company, so we don't do the actual publishing.

Will I need to find a publisher or agent?

Only if you want to go down the traditional publishing route. Susan Page's book How To Get Published and Make a Lot of Money walks you through the steps – it's an old book (from 1999) but still relevant. However, unless you're already well known and you have a huge following online and your book idea is amazing, the chances of any publishers accepting you are slim at best. (J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series was rejected 12 times by different publishers, even after she had an agent.) Even if a publisher agrees to accept you, it can take them two years to publish your book.

How do I publish my book without a publisher?

You can either publish it yourself or pay a publishing service to do it for you. This typically takes a few days to a few weeks. And you'll have complete control over everything: the outline, the text, the cover, the marketing, and the pricing.

There are plenty of books that will walk you through how to publish and market your book yourself – try How to Publish a Bestselling Book, Successful Self-Publishing and How to Market a Book. And there are lots of publishing services that can do the job for you. But make sure you're getting a good quality service for a fair price. (I recommend joining the Facebook group British & Irish Authors and asking their members who they recommend.)

Do I have to live in the UK?

If you want me to come to you for our three days together then yes. But if you're willing to come to the UK then it doesn't really matter where you live. (Note: you must be able to speak English, and your book will be written in British English.)

Do we have to meet in person? Can't we do it via Skype or Facetime?

This process only really works if we meet in person for three days. After that we can communicate electronically.

Ready to start?

Email me at and tell me about your book idea.


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