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cover imageThe Legend Of Aranrhod

We hope you enjoyed reading the book. We'd love to hear what you thought of it. You can contact us at this email address:enquiries@ideas4writers.co.uk and we'll pass your comments on to the author. Or you can leave a comment on Geoff's blog - see below.

If you enjoyed the book please help us to spread the word about it. People always remember who introduced them to great books, so everyone will think you're mega cool to have discovered this one first!

How to help spread the word

If you have an account with Amazon.co.uk you can write a Customer Review. Here's the link to the book's page on Amazon:
When you get there, scroll down to where it says Customer Reviews in orange, then follow the link to submit a review.

Or you can send your review to us (enquiries@ideas4writers.co.uk) and we'll publish it here.

Who's on your Christmas card list? Tell them all about it! They might not want it for themselves, but it would make a great gift for a friend or relative. And I'm sure they'd love to hear from you at other times of the year, not just at Christmas!

Who's in your email address book? Isn't it time you got in touch with all of them to find out how they're doing? And you could just happen to mention this great book you've been reading called The Legend Of Aranrhod by Geoff Anderson, available from i4w2.co.uk and Amazon - and other good bookshops if you ask them to order it.

Friends: slip it into the conversation next time you chat to them. Even better, carry it around with you and show it to them. Isn't the cover nice! You might even make new friends, as people will see the cover and come over to find out what it is. Then they'll ask if the story is any good. And you can tell them that it is! Or you could just buy them a copy as a gift - we're sure they'll appreciate it and buy you something extra nice in return!

Neighbours: you do know who your neighbours are, don't you? Well you must know one or two of them, surely. No? Oh well. If you happen to see any of them and you think they might like the book, please remember to tell them. Thanks!

Schoolmates - that's the same as friends really, isn't it. Because you're hardly going to talk to the ones you don't know or like. And the bullies don't even read books so it's no good wasting your time on them. Just let them discover it in their own good time. Or from somebody else.

If you're a bit older then you won't have schoolmates you'll have work colleagues. And lots of them will be interested in the book too - not just for themselves, but for their children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, cousins, and so on. And it would make a great gift for their friends' children too - instead of the packet of felt-tip pens they usually give them. So take your copy to work with you. Talk about it. Leave it face up on your desk where everyone can see it as they pass. You never know who might stop and chat to you about it!

Teachers: if you're at school you're bound to have met one or two of these. They'll probably be quite interested in the book. In fact they should be interested in all books that get kids reading. Children are going to want to read this book - which is of course a Very Good Thing - it'll help to improve their reading, and then they'll get better jobs and earn more money. Good stuff, eh? So make sure your teachers know about it!

But you can go further than that because this isn't just a story, it also raises lots of interesting issues that can be discussed in class. In fact we have a list of issues that you can give your teachers. I'm sure Geoff will post the list on his Blog before too long, but in the meantime just holler if you want a copy.

And there's something else that your teachers will be interested in: they can use the book to raise money for the school. Because if the school will help us to sell more copies - by featuring it in the newsletter and collecting up all the orders that come in, for example - we'll give the school a share of the money (£2 for every book sold!)

Geoff will even come and give one of his exciting interactive talks at your school - please ask your teacher to get in touch with us to arrange it. (email: enquiries@ideas4writers.co.uk or phone 01884-839577). Geoff lives in Worcestershire but is happy to travel anywhere.

Don't forget to tell the school librarian about the book too. Perhaps you could write a review of the book for the school newsletter. Then you might get your name and photo in the newsletter - you'll be nearly famous! And you could also visit the public library in town and tell them how good the book is. They like to hear about new books that are really really good.

Do you belong to any groups or organisations? This could be a reading group, cubs, scouts, brownies, guides, and so on. Or how about church groups: youth fellowships and cell groups, for example. Please take the book along and tell them about it. And don't forget to ask for our issues sheet! Again, you could use the book as a fund-raiser for the group, or perhaps for your church. Just let us know. We'll be happy to offer the same deal as we do for schools - £2 for each copy sold.

Have you got your own page on MySpace or Flickr or Bebo? Have you got a blog? What an excellent place to talk about the book. And you even can copy the picture of the cover from the top of this page if you want to.

If you have any other ideas about how we can spread the word about this book, or if you'd like to get involved in some of our marketing campaigns, then we'd love to hear from you!

The Official Legend Of Aranrhod Blog

Lots of interesting stuff about the book, the story, the characters, the places, the issues, the riddle, the cover, and much more: http://aranrhod.wordpress.com

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