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cover imageSafe for Life
by Katherine Reynolds

Paperback: 322 pages
Publisher: ideas4writers (5 October 2009)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0955011641

Children's adventure (ages 8 - 12)

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SAFE FOR LIFE is the eagerly awaited sequel to the award-winning children’s adventure novel

Dylan de Polka, the tap-dancing star of the Happy Days Circus, and his worldly-wise feline friend, Red Tabby, take on the ruthless Jago Reaver and his villainous sidekick, Frankie, who are intent on stealing the circus animals’ much-loved home, Great Park.

As the troupe waves off the newly married Ringmaster Chia and Madame Lulu Bombazine on their honeymoon, an ominous black balloon casts a menacing shadow over the cheerful scene. Great Park’s owner, Lord Stomper, goes missing in mysterious circumstances, and the animals find themselves in grave peril.

Before their home and their hopes are destroyed, the troupe must somehow foil the villains’ cunning plot. Can they succeed in rescuing Lord Stomper, saving Great Park and reuniting the Happy Days Circus? Can they ever be safe for life?


London Book Festival 2009 - First Prize for Children's Fiction

San Francisco Book Festival 2010 – Highly Commended

New York Book Festival 2010 – Honourable Mention

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Meet the author

The written word has always been Katherine's first love, but a talent for film-making steered her into a different career choice. With a friend, she founded a London film company, editing and producing award-winning TV documentaries. Over the years, her projects took her to Italy, Greece, India and then to Canada, where, in the course of her adventures, she met and married a well-known Toronto actor and became a Canadian citizen.

Working between Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, she created and produced TV series for children; collaborated on scripts for television and film; and wrote extensively for various magazines. She was, for ten years, Contributing Editor of Britannia, a North American magazine celebrating the British way of life. Later, she founded and wrote 'The Street', a monthly newsletter for Coronation Street's many overseas fans.

In 1998, she and her husband, Michael, returned to the UK to live near their film-maker daughter, and their grandchildren. The green and rolling countryside of Somerset soon worked its magic in her imagination and the adventures of Dylan de Polka and Red Tabby were born.

Katherine Reynolds: Member: Society of Authors and SCBWI.

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For more information about the story, the characters, the author, book signings, talks, school visits, and new places to buy Safe for Life: www.dylanandredtabby.com

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