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Bookshops (online)

List Books
(Buy and sell used books; an alternative to Amazon (with cheaper postage costs!)


See separate page

Editing and proofing services

Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau
(Helps you become a published writer - packed with information on writers' markets and competitions, links to writers' resources, plus an inexpensive critique and editorial service - highly recommended by our members!)

The Literary Consultancy (TLC)
(Find out if your book is any good and what needs doing to it if it isn't)
(Advice, editorial and printing service, UK and US agents, online magazine)


Freelance Journalists UK
(The journalists' meeting place - a forum for freelancers, newspaper & magazine journalists and writers)

Hold the Front Page
(Ideas for news stories, journalism courses and job vacancies)

Magazines for writers

Mslexia (UK)
(The magazine for women who write. Advice and inspiration, news, reviews, interviews, competitions and grants)

Perspectives Magazine (Online)
(For new or published writers looking to stretch their imaginative ability by giving animals and inanimate objects human qualities. Observe and write about the world through an object’s perspective)

The Self-Publishing Magazine (UK)

Writers' Forum (UK)

Writers' News & Writing Magazine (UK)

Members' websites

Stephanie Baudet
Author of nearly 30 books for children including Watchers of the Sky and for adults
A Measure of the Soul.

Geoff Nelder
UK writer of science fiction, horror and thrillers with a humorous lean to them. Editor for Adventure Books of Seattle, and manuscript assessment for novelists


A Word A Day

Find me an Author
(A new and unique way to discover new authors - trust your intuition! Just look at their photos and decide whether you think they look interesting!)

The Internet - A Writer's Guide
(Lots of useful links)

(Catalogue your book collection, see who else has the same books as you, and see what other books they have. A great way to discover new books and make new friends, and wonderful for research too. You can also receive free pre-publication copies of new books if you agree to write a review on them.)

The Linguistic Fun Page!
(Fun with words - for when you're sick of writing)
(Choose your reading preferences - funny/serious, gentle/violent, sex/no sex, and so on - and this website recommends books that match)

Word of the Day

(A comprehensive guide to just about everything, with well maintained subject areas - great for getting a quick overview when you're researching a subject)

British Library

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Everyone Who's Anyone
(Names, addresses, emails, phone numbers and websites of all the significant agents, publishers and editors in the UK, USA and Canada)

Guide to Grammar

The Ultimate Grammar Resource Guide

Media UK
(Addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for hundreds of UK newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations)

(Gives the website addresses of thousands of newspapers from all over the world)

(Type in a word to find its rhymes, synonyms, definitions, and more)

(The free encyclopaedia that anyone can edit. Fantastic for research - if you can't find it here it probably doesn't exist)

Scriptwriting and plays

Drew's Script-o-rama
(Free movie scripts to view/download - shows how to write and format screenplays)

Playwriting 101
(A complete beginner's guide to playwriting, including types of plays, story structure & development, format & layout, musicals, character names, dialogue, lyrics & stage directions, transitions, submissions)

(A comprehensive website for screenwriters including articles, screenwriting tips, insider information, forums and more)

Search engines




Software for writers

(Story-creation software that turns you into a master storyteller - tranforms your ideas into fully-developed short stories, novels, and screenplays - recommended by ideas4writers - Windows only)

(the world's largest computerised style and usage checker. 10x more powerful than any grammar checker. Checks word-processed documents against 35,000+ language problems and ways of clarifying the style - American and British English dictionaries - recommended by ideas4writers - Windows only)

WriteItNow - Novel Writing Software
(from first idea to final manuscript - write your novel in 4 easy steps - generate characters and ideas automatically - recommended by ideas4writers - Windows and Mac)

Writers' personal websites

Lynne Hackles - a little bit of everything
Lynne writes the 'My Writing Day' and 'Novel Ideas' columns in Writing Magazine, and also writes novels, non-fiction books and children's books under various names. Visit her website for more details and to read about her adventures since she won £75,000 on 'Deal or No Deal' and set off in a camper-van!

Michael Legat - Bookends
I'm sure most of you have at least one of Michael's How-To books in your collection, or know him from his regular Publishing Snippets column in Writing Magazine. Well, here's your chance to complete your collection by buying signed copies of his books direct from the man himself.

Alec Price writes
Alec is a writer, ghost writer and writer's mentor, and also offers self-publishing and research services.

Andrea Semple - novelist and journalist
How to secure a novel deal, interviews with bestselling authors, a writing tips newsletter, a tongue-in-cheek guide to understanding literary agents plus much more.

Jane Wenham-Jones
Author of Wannabe a Writer?, novelist, writers' agony aunt, magazine and newspaper columnist, public speaker, wine lover, and media tart.

Writers' resources

BBC - Writer's Room
(The BBC's online resource for writing for television, radio and film. Includes information about writing opportunities and events, useful tips and advice from, and interviews with professional writers and other industry experts)

(A useful site for those interested in the American market, includes tutorials and workshops, articles, short stories, agent listings, publishers and competitions)

Google Groups
(The easy way to access and search newsgroups)

Knowledge Hound Writing Tips
(Lots of links to writing tips and how-to articles)

The Open Directory Project - Writer's Resources
(Plenty of good links here - have a look at the other categories too if you need to research a subject)

PA Secretarial Services - Virtual Assistant
(Provides secretarial support to clients as and when they need it, freeing up their time and saving them money - typing, audio transcription, copywriting, research, press releases, mailshots, etc)

The Writer Gazette
(Hints, tips and articles on writing, and plenty of links to writers' resources on the Internet)

Worldwide Top Sites - Literature

Writer's Market UK
(The new, most comprehensive resource for all writers. 976 pages of advice, articles and contacts, ranging from UK and Irish book publishers, magazines, agents and newspapers to production companies, writer's groups, theatres and festivals)

(The Writers' Resource site linking to paying markets, competitions, reference sites, software, and much more!)

Writer's Supercenter - Fiction Links
(1001 links to articles about writing!)

Writing World
(A world of writing tips - for writers around the world!)

Writing groups and communities
(’s thriving community now spans five continents and offers developing authors free professional editorial assistance and possible free onsite posting. There's also a lively discussion board, tips for writers, ideas for writer's block, links, newsletters, challenges, competition information and much, much more)

The National Association of Writers' Groups
(See if there's a writing group in your area - and much more)

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