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65 Stageplay-Related Ideas for Writers

65 very clever ideas that will enable you to write unique, compelling and successful plays faster and easier than ever before.

25 pages, ebook (PDF), £2.99

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Why you need this book

In today's ultra-competitive writing and publishing market, you need every advantage you can get. That's where our inspiring collection of writing ideas can help you.

Each of the 35 books in the ideas4writers collection is packed with versatile ideas, expert tips, and easy-to-implement practical advice.

You'll soon be writing brilliant books, amazing articles, and standout stories that will have readers, editors and publishers longing for more.

The PLAYS collection includes:

  • The easiest way to construct a play
  • How to produce your own play and find funding
  • How to help local actors to grow
  • What to do if there aren't enough actors available
  • How to get the audience involved and guarantee applause
  • Behind the scenes tips and special effects ideas
  • How to adapt a novel into a play
  • The importance of off-stage timing
  • And much more, including tips, tricks of the trade, and clever ideas for writing and staging plays that will get everyone talking.

Be a more inspired, more productive and more successful writer with the ideas4writers ideas collection.

Excerpt: Characters being themselves

Stage plays are character-based. The plot arises from who the characters are, the dilemmas they face, and what they do to resolve them. It's worth making a list of the sort of characters you'd like to put in your play, and the sorts of things that might happen if they were there. For example, a cheat or a liar would be found out. A thief would get caught. Someone who cuts corners, or someone who is overly pedantic might find himself in an awkward situation of his own making. A man with a fondness for the ladies
would get into trouble over a lady. Someone with a drinking problem might find his dilemma arising from something he did (or failed to do) while he was drunk.

There are thousands more character types, all of which have the potential to get themselves into trouble because of who they are and what they do while just being themselves. They're all great characters for your play. You only need a few characters like this and the play will practically write itself, as you let them find their way into trouble and watch as they try to get out of it again.

[EXTENSION] You might like to try coming up with a stock of twenty or so
strong characters and then mix and match perhaps six of them at random to see what sort of stories arise. Each random set of characters will work for and against each other to solve their individual dilemmas, and create and solve group dilemmas, while some of them get deeper and deeper into trouble. Will they resolve their dilemmas by the end? Or will their problems remain, or be even worse? That's up to you. They will certainly be very different people by the end though. Their efforts to solve their problems will have taken a toll on them, changed their outlook or attitude, perhaps altered their behaviour, broken bad habits, started new ones, and so on. But they might have a whole new set of problems. And the final curtain might fall just as a major new dilemma is revealed - one that arises out of the things that happened earlier.

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