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Publications that have featured articles about us

Publication Date of article
Writers' News (Date-A-Base Book 2011) March 2010
Writers' News (Date-A-Base Book 2010) June 2009
Writing Magazine (Talk it over) June 2008
Writers' News (Date-A-Base Book 2009) April 2008
Writers' Forum (Writers' rooms - Dave) March 2008
Writers' News (Date-A-Base Book 2008) January 2008
Devon Life (Legend of Aranrhod launch) December 2007
Writers' News (i4w2) July 2006
Writers' News June 2006
Micro Mart (Writers websites) 27 April 2006
Writers' News February 2006
Writers' News November 2005
Writers' Forum October 2005
Writers' Forum September 2005
Mensa Magazine (Fastest Way book) August 2005
Writers' Forum (Fastest Way book) August 2005
Writers' Forum (Fastest Way book) July 2005
North Devon Journal (Fastest Way book) 26 May 2005
Mid Devon Gazette (Fastest Way book) 24 May 2005
Writers' Forum (competition winner) April 2005
Internet User (interview with Dave) January 2005
Mslexia (competition) October 2004
Writers' News (competition) October 2004
Writers' Forum (competition) September 2004
Writers' News (competition) November 2003
Writing Magazine (competition winner) June-July 2003
Malton Gazette and Herald (competition winner) 4 December 2002
Writers' News (launch and competition) November 2002
Mensa Magazine (launch) October 2002
Mid Devon Star (launch) 30 August 2002
Mid Devon Gazette (launch) 27 August 2002

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