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3 April 2006

ideas4writers to relaunch as book publisher from 1 August 2006

From 1 August 2006 ideas4writers (the ideas and inspiration website) will be relaunching as a book publishing company.

From that date the ideas4writers website ( will no longer be updated or added to and the monthly newsletter and electronic magazine (ezine) will cease. However all content will remain online, including the current ideas (well over 5,000 by then), 'what ifs', writing engines, forums, archives and articles.

There will no longer be any membership fee.

Current members as at 1 Aug 2006 will receive free lifetime membership. Anyone wishing to join after that date will need to send in a voucher from our current title "The Fastest Way to Write Your Book" or from other books that we publish in the future.

Ex-members who have already sent in vouchers are also invited to apply for free membership from 1 August 2006.

Anyone wishing to become a member before August can do so by paying a reduced fee (see website for details), or by sending in a voucher. They will automatically qualify for free lifetime membership from August.

ideas4writers founder Dave Haslett explained the forthcoming changes:

"The original purpose of setting up the website was to allow us to escape from our day jobs and give us plenty of time to write books, whilst providing a much-needed service for writers. However, we found ourselves becoming more and more involved in the website, and the writing and publishing side of things had to put on hold."

"Unfortunately the website (in its current form) is not profitable enough to justify the considerable amount of work that goes into keeping it updated. The amount of work required is growing with each passing month and we're fast reaching the point where it would be impossible for us to continue. Our first book "The Fastest Way to Write Your Book" has been extremely well received and critically acclaimed, so we're taking this opportunity to return to our original plan and produce some more."

"We hope that the membership will continue to grow and thrive as more writers discover our books and return their vouchers. Our database of 5,000 ideas should be more than enough to keep even the most prolific writer going for several lifetimes. And as well as all the ideas and writing tools, our forums should provide a lively, useful and friendly community for writers. We will also continue to answer members' writing, computing and word processing questions free of charge."

Dave is happy to answer any questions and can be contacted by email at

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