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30 Ideas for Overcoming Rejection

30 very clever ways to cope with and overcome rejection and become a successful writer.

13 pages, ebook (PDF), £1.99

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Why you need this book

In today's ultra-competitive writing and publishing market, you need every advantage you can get. That's where our inspiring collection of writing ideas can help you.

Each of the 35 books in the ideas4writers collection is packed with versatile ideas, expert tips, and easy-to-implement practical advice.

You'll soon be writing brilliant books, amazing articles, and standout stories that will have readers, editors and publishers longing for more.

The OVERCOMING REJECTION collection includes:

  • Understanding and improving your acceptance/rejection ratio
  • Why publication is inevitable
  • How to lessen the pain of rejection using simple mathematics
  • How to get rich even if you get rejections
  • Finding good homes for your work
  • How to develop a feeling of detachment
  • How to get helpful criticism and avoid the hurtful sort
  • What to do if you think an editor made a mistake in rejecting you (and it isn't 'nothing')
  • Why you should celebrate other people's success
  • Why rejected doesn't actually mean rejected
  • Why rejection is a form of success
  • Easy ways to reduce stress and tension
  • Why the world needs your writing
  • Understanding the hidden meanings in rejection letters that actually mean they like it and want to see more of your work
  • Proof that you can be a successful writer
  • And much more - far too many great ideas to list here!

Be a more inspired, more productive and more successful writer with the ideas4writers ideas collection.

Excerpt: Pen names

If the thought of receiving rejection letters bothers you, here's a simple way around it: use a pen name. You'll still receive the rejections, but they won't be addressed to you personally; they'll have someone else's name on them. You might even feel a little sorry for that person. He's receiving all those horrible rejections yet you don't receive any at all.

Once he starts to become more successful and the rejections become rarer you can drop the pen name and use your real name.

It's just a trick of course, but your mind responds well to things like this. The pain of rejection is one step removed and it feels as if it's happening to someone else.

Extra value!

Buy the complete Volume 4 (Writing, Editing & Publishing - 7 books in 1)

Includes: Editing, Getting Ideas, Getting Published,
Overcoming Rejection, Self-publishing, Writer's Block, Writing

870 very clever ideas, 400 pages

only £17.99 (save £15.94)

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