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125 Storylines for Writers

125 unique, fully formed storylines you can use immediately or adapt in any way you wish.

52 pages, ebook (PDF), £5.99

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Why you need this book

In today's ultra-competitive writing and publishing market, you need every advantage you can get. That's where our inspiring collection of writing ideas can help you.

Each of the 35 books in the ideas4writers collection is packed with versatile ideas, expert tips, and easy-to-implement practical advice.

You'll soon be writing brilliant books, amazing articles, and standout stories that will have readers, editors and publishers longing for more.

Be a more inspired, more productive and more successful writer with the ideas4writers ideas collection.

Excerpt 1: A vital dream forgotten

A woman has a dream in which she solves an important puzzle or discovers the answer to something - how to cure cancer, for example. She wakes up extremely excited, searches the house for pen and paper and starts to write it down. But she can't remember many of the details now. It all made perfect sense earlier, but all she is left with now is a confusing mess with lots of gaps. She's convinced that the answer is still inside her head though, and tries all sorts of methods for getting at it: eating the same things that she had the night before in the hope of repeating the dream, setting her alarm clock to wake her in the middle of the night, concentrating on it as she goes to sleep, and so on. She devours books and research papers on dreams. Nothing works.

Realising the significance of what this dream might mean for mankind, she decides to seek professional help. She starts off with hypnosis and manages to fill in a few of the gaps - but it also adds another layer of complexity to the mess. She is completely obsessed with this dream and is convinced that she will have it again. There has been talk of a computer than can record dreams and play them back. This is still at an early experimental stage but she decides that it's vitally important that she gets involved with it. She puts herself forward as a research candidate, sells her house, and gives the money to the scientists to fund their work. She moves into the lab. The scientists record everything she dreams each night and play the recordings back to her the next day. Sometimes they play the recordings into her brain while she sleeps to try and trigger a response.

At first nothing works, but then things start to happen. Is she anywhere near achieving her aim? Will the things she sees in her dreams drive her mad? Will her brain be damaged by a surge of electricity when an experiment goes wrong? What if someone who would prefer the secret to remain a secret tries to stop her from discovering it? It's up to you to decide what happens next and how the story ends.

Excerpt 2: Alter ego goes berserk

A male writer realises that if he adopted a female pen name he'd have far more success in the market he's writing for. This proves to be true and he's soon in demand for interviews, chat shows and book signings. Obviously he can't go himself, so he hires an actress to play the role. Things go smoothly at first and he's pleased with the arrangement. But as he becomes more and more successful, the actress playing him starts to go off the rails - out every night clubbing, sleeping with actors and rock stars, going into rehab, and so on. Somehow 'she' still seems to be able to write great books, so the public supports her through all her troubles. But then one day she publishes a book of her own. It's not in her real name of course, but her adopted name - the pen name that the writer uses. And the book is truly awful; libellous, blasphemous, and more. Suddenly sales of the writer's books come to a halt as the public goes off this dreadful woman. The writer decides it's time to kill off that pen name and start writing under a different name. But how does he get rid of the actress? Does he pay her a huge sum to go away? Does he actually kill her? Will he make it look like an accident? And is there any way that he can get his backlist of books selling again, even without her around? Perhaps the books become valuable and popular again when she's dead. Perhaps everyone will realise what a genius she really was, and it's a shame about that last book, but the years of alcohol and drug abuse had obviously taken their toll. Perhaps he writes a sequel to one of his most famous novels and publishes it under a new female name. It proves hugely popular, and so he's able to continue his successful career - using a different actress. This time though, he takes the precaution of adding a clause to her contract saying that she is not allowed to release any of her own books or ever divulge the truth about their arrangement. But can he include a 'no party lifestyle' clause in the contract? And even if he does, will she abide by it once fame goes to her head?

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