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ideas4writers is all about ideas. When you become a member you get immediate access to over 5,000 ideas. categories come alive
writing engines  

Our story engine randomly generates a story situation together with a complete set of characters, motivations, locations and objects. Great fun, simple to use, and an incredibly inspiring way of finding new stories to write. You'll never run out of ideas if you use this - guaranteed! See a sample

The face engine lets you design faces for your characters. Choose from a wide variety of head shapes, hairstyles and facial features, then position and resize them as you wish. Save your finished characters for later, share them with your friends, or print them out and pin them above your writing desk!
Ever have trouble coming up with names for your characters? We have the solution - it's the name engine. Now includes six nationalities: UK, USA, French, German, Italian and Spanish. More coming soon! See a sample name engine
The biorhythm engine charts the ups and downs of life and lets you see how well (or badly) your characters will perform on a given day. Will the attempted bank robbery succeed or end in miserable failure? If you don't know which way to take the story, this engine will help you decide. And just like the astrology engine, you can use the biorhythm engine on yourself and your friends! See a sample
biorhythm engine
The astrology engine works in two ways. If you know your character's date of birth it produces a detailed personality profile based on Western and Chinese astrology. If you don't know their date of birth then it allows you to calculate it based on their main personality traits. It doesn't matter whether or not you believe in astrology - you'll get plenty of ideas for great characters and stories. And you can get your own personal profile too - simply enter your own date of birth. Once you know your character's date of birth you can also use the biorhythm engine. See a sample
Tarot is a wonderful tool for writers, combining character and plot in one simple tool. It doesn't matter whether you believe in it or not - just look upon it as an idea generator. One tarot reading will give you all the material you need to start planning a great story. Interpreting the cards is normally no easy task, but our tarot engine does all the hard work for you.
See a sample
tarot engine
critique forum  
Send in your writing and get feedback and useful advice from other members. If you want an honest, unbiased opinion of your work and advice on how to fix any problems and make it even better then this is the place to come. The atmosphere is always friendly and relaxed. Everyone helps each other and we all become better writers.
discussion forums  

Stuck for answers or desperate for a bit of chat with someone who understands what a writer's life is like? Our caring, sharing, friendly forums are just the place for you. Whether you're giving advice or receiving it, asking for help or just nattering about your favourite Word templates, you're always sure of a warm welcome and plenty of friendly support when you're feeling down.

We have several discussion forums including: writing (general writing matters), technology (word processors, computers, printers and the Internet), getting published (ideas, hints and tips and experiences with publishers, editors and agents), the expert is in (for all those difficult research questions), chat (talk about anything you like) and ideas4writers (discussion about the website itself, plus news announcements and the latest changes).

As a significant number of members are studying with the Writers Bureau, we also have a writers bureau forum where you can chat to fellow students, discuss the course and assignments and review each other's work.

help, advice, hints, tips, your questions answered
Members get the benefit of an interactive service. Send in your writing, computing and word processing problems and we do our best to find the answers and report back to you. We also have regular writing technology columns from our resident IT guru, Dr Dave. help
and much more...  
We're running out of space on our tour, and we can't tell you about everything. So we'll keep a few things secret for you to discover when you become a member. Take our Extras section, for example - stuffed with useful information, inside knowledge, and tons of inspiration.

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