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Saturday 04 April 1964

Saturday's child works hard for a living

Western Astrology

The Pioneer - independent, fiery, impulsive, energetic

The Aries Personality:
Accomplishes a great deal, aggressive, always has the last word, arrogant, blunt and to the point, bold, a bundle of energy, burning desire, charismatic, charming, courageous, determined, domineering, dynamic, eager, egotistic, energetic, enthusiastic, fearless, focused, forceful, hasty, highly competitive, impressive leadership skills, impulsive, independent, inner strength, the leader of the pack, looks after number one, loves a challenge, magnetic personality, makes things happen, 'me first', no regrets, physically active, a pioneer, playful, prefers to initiate rather than complete, romantic, stamina, vigorous, vitality, a winner, won't shy away from new ground, works hard and plays hard, zealous

Arians are pioneers, have to keep moving, and constantly work at setting up new schemes. They have a tremendous need for money, power and influence, but rarely take account of other peoples wishes. Faced with a choice between money and authority, their love of power will usually win out.

Most compatible with: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Least compatible with: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn

Element: Fire

Colours: Bright primary colours, scarlet, yellow

Gemstones: Diamonds, garnets, bloodstones

Metals: Iron, steel

Countries: England, Germany, Poland

Cities: Naples, Florence


Chinese Astrology

Chinese Year of the Dragon

The Dragon Personality:
Generous, spirited, scrupulous and independent, enthusiastic and generous, but can be overbearing, demanding, loud-mouthed and irritable.

Element: Wood

The Wood Personality:
acts on their beliefs, adept at business, the backbone of the group, sometimes bite of more than they can chew, cannot always finish what they started, compassionate, confident, convinces others easily, cooperative, diversifies whenever possible, sometimes drifts from one project to another, ethical, finds resources whenever they need them, a good executive, expansive, generous, goodwill, high morals, likes to branch out, open-minded, sometimes overwhelmed and inhibited by others, passive, progressive, sometimes pushes things to breaking point, seeks out opportunities to grow and renew, shares rewards, a solid leader, can spread resources too thin, strong, systematic, turns ideas into profit, understanding, understands other people, understands the real value of things, has a wide range of interests

Energy: Yang
This person is more effective when proceeding in active ways. Spontaneous.

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