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Tarot Engine - Sample

1. Significator - Two of Swords
A delicate balance is being precariously maintained between two opposing forces, and could lapse into conflict at any moment. It would be better to sort out the root of the problem rather than attempting to maintain the peace, as it will not last anyway. Beware of sabotage or betrayal.
2. Crossing Card - Three of Wands
The first stage of an idea or project has been completed, and you are full of enthusiasm. But there is a lot of hard work to come yet. New ideas might have to be considered, which could cause delays or frustration. Beware of accepting bad advice, and make sure you consider the practicalities.
3. Crowning Card - Two of Cups
The beginning of a relationship or business partnership is indicated, or perhaps a reconciliation where an existing relationship is experiencing difficulty or separation. This is a peaceful time as arguments have been resolved. But beware of jealousy, infidelity, and indiscretion.
4. Base of the Matter - Two of Coins
This is a time when money and energy are available for new projects, hopefully leading to a successful and rewarding future. It is important to use these resources creatively, perhaps taking a few risks, rather than hoarding them or spending the money on more immediate pleasures.
5. Past Influences - The Sun
You are emerging from a period of optimism and, hopefully, success. At last you should have the acclaim that you have been seeking. Your conscience should be clear, for your previous wrong-doings should all have been revealed by now. You should now have plans for the future.
6. Forthcoming Influences - The Devil
You must confront all that is base and shadowy. Perhaps in the real world, or perhaps within your own mind. You might come across evil or sadism, perhaps a weak-minded or spiteful person. If you can overcome your loathing you can release your creative powers and move on.
7. Where You Are Now - Ten of Cups
You should now be in a happy, secure and loving situation. Business contracts and partnerships should be successful. On-going contentment and permanence are indicated. But beware of family arguments and misunderstandings, for they may lead to anger, dishonesty, or even crime.
8. Views of Others - Nine of Cups
Other people see your past efforts being rewarded and long-held dreams being fulfilled. They note your pleasure and satisfaction. As your health and emotions are in good order, they might feel that you should make plans for your future. They feel that complacency or vanity could lead to mistakes.
9. Hope and Fears - Seven of Coins
You have to choose between continuing an existing project or starting something new and you hope that you will make the right choice. You hope for financial success. You fear that the wrong decision will lead to lost opportunities. You fear that you will be unable to make a decision. You fear loss of hope and faith.
10. The Future - Ace of Wands
Within the next six months a rush of creative energy will fill you with inspiration, enthusiasm and power. But this could lead to restlessness with your current situation, for you will not yet have made any new plans. Beware that restlessness does not turn into over-confidence or arrogance.

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